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New Beginnings..

25th, August, 2020
"I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to reach my destination." - Jimmy Dean

As with most small businesses, our holiday rental company took a bit of a knock with COVID-19.  It’s funny how, even for friends and family who’ve managed to keep their jobs and not be too affected financially, off the back of COVID-19 so many lifestyle changes seem to be being made – for the better.  I was one of those people. 

Yes, we were/have been affected by COVID-19 (nowhere nearly as bad as many I must add). However, the change gave me that push to do something that I’d thought about for years. An idea that I had wanted to have at my own wedding and an opportunity to be a part of memory-making for clients… not profit chasing for clients. 

Mix together one business loan, a very supportive husband and pockets of time in the evenings (after we’d put the kids to bed) and here we are. CambLights was born.  I spent my evenings researching suppliers/carpenters and after looking in the right (and wrong) places I found a fantastic supplier.  We now have lots of stock and the family on board, a storage space and also we’re upgrading our small van to accommodate our rustic light up letters. 

I knew I’d made the right decision when an influencer used our numbers recently at her birthday party in Covent Garden. She was so complimentary of the numbers and the addition of having her age lit up on the dance floor.


 The numbers gave that wow factor which she was wanting. Coupled with this she had a stunning backdrop for photos and the everlasting memories of her first sober party. Had this lovely woman not been an influencer, I wouldn’t have read her story. I wouldn’t actually know how much of a big deal this event was for her and to be a part of that day was a huge honour.   It’s such an amazing feeling to provide a product that enhances moments as well as providing endless photo opportunities and adding that sparkle.  Whether it’s a special occasion or just because you’ve had to put those moments on hold due to the current climate, providing a beautifully handmade product for your occasion and lighting it up is quite honestly the most rewarding feeling.   

Anyway, I digress. The purpose of this was a reminder (to myself and anyone who may have taken the time to read this small blog) that ‘YOU CAN DO ANYTHING’.  An idea is the start of the journey and the rest is your future in the making.  You will reach hurdles. You will overcome them, the bigger the hurdle the greater the achievement. I’m super proud to say I’ve met some incredible local suppliers. These suppliers  have taken that brave step from their everyday roles to start something new. Something that they are passionate about and we’ll be coming together very soon.  Watch this space!

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New Beginnings

Camb Lights Blog New Beginnings.. 25th, August, 2020 “I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to reach my

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